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Git rename local and remote branch
07.12.20181 Min Read — In git

1- rename local branch if you are on the branch git branch -m branch-name-name

2- if you are on the different branch git branch -m branch-old-name branch-new-name

3- to delete old branch name and replace it with new name to origin git push origin :branch-old-name branch-new-name

4- step 3 will do the trick however, if you want to reset your upstream branch for new branch git push origin -u branch-new-name

Usefull tip find first commit in a specific branch git log <source_branch>..<feature_branch> --oneline | tail -1 for instance

git log master..feature/tree-shakable-components  --oneline | tail -1
f601a16 upgrade to latest babel 7 and lodash es in order to make bundle be tree shakable
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